Lotek is basically about any good music which has something to do with dub, dubstep, breaks or even roots. Heavy, dark or sunny peaceful-dub or even popish/dubstep, here aint counts, here good music counts and thats all. Loteks history goes back to ADX Records. www.adxrecords.yolasite.com The owner made new deals (and also kept the old ones) with baseware distribution and this is how Lotek was born as an alliance of MHT Records, which is mostly for deep house, techno and minimal. www.mhtrecords.yolasite.com So to clarify: ADX is in alliance with AL (www.ancientlanguagerecords.yolasite.com) and MHT with Lotek and all 4 labels is owned by Oliver Dombi, so all labels are basically partners, but with different distribution. If You wish to sign with Lotek Recordings send a message here or e-mail to: lotekrecordings@yahoo.com or mhtrecords@yahoo.com


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